Web Extensions


Trello is super useful and I love it. These are some web extensions I made. I use them almost every day so they should be kept up-to-date as Trello changes how things work. They work in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Hide Completed Items for Trello

Sets completed checklist items to be hidden by default when you open a card. This is useful if you don’t complete items in order, since everything that’s left still to do is nicely grouped together. (You can show them again with the link in the checklist header.)

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List Highlighter for Trello

This dims most of your lists by default, and highlights others based on the list title.

  • “To do” or “Todo” — leaves these as they are*
  • “Doing” or “Today” — turns these red*
  • “Done” or “Trash” – turns them grey, applies strikethrough to text, and dims them even more

*Other lists are dimmed only when your board has a list with one of these titles.

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Hide Activity Details for Trello

Sets the extraneous activity feed to be hidden by default when you open a card. This means all comments are loaded at once, and it makes them much easier to see.

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