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Hide Activity Details (+ Tweaks) for Trello

This extension tweaks a few things in Trello. Each tweak can be switched on or off in settings.

Download it below


Hide the Activity details on cards

When viewing a card, everything that was ever done to that card is displayed at the bottom. This is far more much information than most people care about, and it cluttered it so that comments were swamped. You can hide this by clicking “Hide Details”, but Trello doesn’t always remember your choice. You can set this extension to click that link for you every time you open a card. Activity details are always there, if you need them. Just click “Show Details”.

Trello card showing all the activity entries Trello card with all the activity entries hidden
before and after

Hide completed items in checklists on cards

I use checklists all the time, and only want to see the items I have left to do. You can hide completed items by clicking “Hide completed items” above the checklist, but Trello doesn’t hide them by default. You can set this extension to click that link for you every time you open a card. Your completed items don’t go anywhere, just click “Show checked items” to see them again. They’ll be hidden the next time you open the card.

Trello card showing all the activity entries Trello card with all the activity entries hidden
before and after

Make clickable icons for URLs in card titles

If you put a URL in the title of a card, this option adds a clickable icon on the card so that you can visit the URL without having to open the card.

Show label text on cards

In list view, card labels are shown as a strip of colour. If you have given the label a name, this can also be displayed. Trello doesn’t make it obvious that you can do this. This option persists your choice between logins.

Place the cursor in Two Factor Authentication Code field when logging in

If you have two factor authentication enabled, this option makes logging in a little less annoying by placing the cursor in the second factor field when it appears, removing the need to click into it.

Make clickable icons for Atlassian issues (JIRA and Fisheye) in card titles

If you put a JIRA or Fisheye issue reference in the title of a card, this option adds a clickable icon on the card so that you can visit the ticket with a single click.

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Contact me

You can email me at beingmrkenny.extensions@gmail.com ✉️

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I work a full time job and don’t get to spend as much time on this extension as I wish I could. If you’d like to support development, the easiest way to do it is PayPal.

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If you have configured Firefox to be permanently in Private mode (as I have), all functionality of this extensions will be disabled. If you would like this extension to work in Private Windows, you will need to allow the extension to access to Private Windows. This can be done from the Add-ons page. More information, including how to change privacy settings, is available at Mozilla’s page, Extensions in Private Browsing.

I am an advocate of full user privacy on the internet. Full privacy information about this extension is available below, but to summarise I do not collect any of your data and I never will.


This extension is only tested in the most recent versions of the browsers it is available for. Currently this includes: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Please ensure your browser is kept up-to-date as this extension may rely on features only available in the latest available version of your browser. This extension will never rely on browser features that have not yet been released to the general public.

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If you want to view the code that powers this extension, the repository is at https://github.com/beingmrkenny/HideActivityForTrello.

Version history

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