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List Highlighter for Trello

List Highlighter helps you focus on what you’re working on right now.

To do lists stay as they are. Doing lists are high­lighted. Done lists are greyed out.

Name your list Todo, Doing, or Done, and styles will be applied automatically. Or name it what you like and tag it: #todo, #doing, or #done. Choose your own highlight colour in settings. You can also split up long lists with header and separator cards. And count cards on lists and set limits for WIP.

Screenshot of Trello showing lists highlighted
Screenshot of Trello without this extension installed
Not Highlighted
Screenshot of Trello showing lists highlighted with header and separator cards
Header and Separator cards
Screenshot of Trello showing lists highlighted, colour blind friendly mode
Highlighted (colour blind friendly mode)
Screenshot of Trello showing lists highlighted with header and separator cards, colour blind friendly mode
Header and Separator cards (colour blind friendly mode)


List Highlighter uses five different list styles, based on priority:

lists have a highlighted background
lists have the default appearance (no change)
lists are dimmed a little bit
lists are faded and grayed out
lists are faded, grayed out and have strikethrough


The following titles can be used. Titles are not case sensitive.

Title Priority applied Other effects
Doing or Today high low priority applied to all untagged lists
Todo or To do normal low priority applied to all untagged lists
Done or Trash trash none


Tag Priority applied Other effects
#high, #today, #doing high low priority applied to all untagged lists
#normal, #todo, #to do normal low priority applied to all untagged lists
#low low none
#ignore ignore none
#trash, #done trash none



Header Cards

Split up long lists with sub headers or horizontal lines.

Header and separator cards match Trello’s look and feel. They can be dragged just like normal cards, and clicking on them opens them for editing as usual. This feature must be enabled in settings: it is switched off by default.

Header cards are fully fledged Trello cards, meaning that stickers, checklists, labels and other badges will show up on them. All content on separator cards is hidden. The card is replaced by a line or, if you choose, a gap.

To create a header card, start your card text with 2 or more dashes (--) or the hash symbol (#). To turn them back into normal cards, just remove the dashes/hash symbol. To create a separator card, type 2 or more dashes and nothing else: (----).


Header cards

To make a header card, start your card text with one of these patterns.


Separator cards

To make a separator card, type two or more line symbols in a row, and no other text. Line symbols are dashes (--), equals signs (==) or underscores (__).


List limits and card counting

Sometimes it’s worth limiting what you’re working on right now. This is one of the principles of kanban, and is known as work-in-progress. It can also be useful to set limits on work when you’re planning ahead.

List Highlighter now supports limits on lists. When a limit is applied, lists display how many cards they contain against their limit, and when you go over they display a warning. You can also enable card counts, without a limit, on specific lists, or switch them on for all lists. If you have header or separator cards enabled, these will not be counted.

Add a limit to a list by putting the number in square brackets ([3]) in the list title. E.g., “Doing [3]”. To add a simple card count on a list without applying a limit, add [x] to the list title. E.g. “Done [x]”.

By default, each card will only count for one. If a card needs to be worth more, add a number in square brackets to the card text. You can also specify zero, e.g. if a card is only there for information. This feature must be enabled in settings.

Get it


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Get it from Opera add-ons


Available in the Chrome web store

User script

Also available as a user script. (Legacy: version 1.2, download script)

Contact me

You can message me on Twitter (@beingmrkenny) or email me at beingmrkenny@gmail.com ✉️


This extension is only tested in the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

A previous version of this extension used a different tagging format with curly braces: {todo}. For now, this is still supported, however new tags will use the hashtag format.

For security reasons, I transferred this extensions from my personal account to a dedicated developer account (beingmrkenny.extensions@gmail.com) on 7 August 2017 (Chrome only).

I cannot guarantee that this extension will not interfere with other extensions or add-ons to Trello. If you notice an issue, please get in touch.

If you are signed into Chrome, Google will sync your settings between computers.

Security and Privacy

All browser extensions can be hacked if an attacker gains access to the developer account which publishes them. I’ve taken great care to minimise those risks, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware how to spot a problem.

How to check you’re safe

By checking the version number, you can be sure that you have the authorised version of List Highlighter for Trello. You’ll find it listed in your browser next to the extension name. The latest authorised version number will always be available on this page, below.

The number in your browser should be the same as or less than the one listed on this page. If it is the same, you have the latest version. If it is less, it means a new version has been published but you have not received it yet. If the version in your browser is greater than the one listed below, uninstall the extension, report it to Google, Opera or Mozilla, and please get in touch with me also. Uninstalling also deletes any saved data for that extension which may have been compromised.

In the interests of transparency, I have detailed what permissions this extension requires and why it needs them, along with any data that is sent on your behalf. Any changes in the permissions that this extension requires will be noted on this page.

Permissions and data

This extension does not collect or transmit any private data at all. Settings you choose are stored in the browser, which may sync with other signed in devices.


Code for this extension can be found on Github at https://github.com/beingmrkenny/ListHighlighterForTrello


List Highlighter for Trello uses the following software or portions thereof.

Version history

Dates refer to when the extension was submitted. Actual release dates may vary due to different browsers’ review procedures.