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List Highlighter for Trello

A note about Version 5

21 October 2023; updated 28 October 2023, 31 October 2023, 7 November 2023

Trello recently made some changes to its interface that broke a few extensions for Trello. Mine was one of them! Along with fixing this bug, I’ve made the decision to permanently remove these features from this extension:

I’m very sorry if you used and relied on these features. I love making this extension, but I make it for free, alongside working a full time job. I can no longer justify the same amount of time that I used to be able to spend on it. These features were often buggy, and the bugs kept coming back every time I fixed them. Version 5 takes List Highlighter back to what it was originally meant to do: change the background colour of lists.

The good news is that you can use native Trello features to do the same things. These are better than what List Highlighter used to do, because they work in any browser, on any platform, for any user. You don’t need my extension installed and they work on your phone, your tablet, the desktop app — wherever you use Trello.

Tip jar

A number of people have asked about a tip jar, which is very generous and much appreciated! If you’d like to donate something, my PayPal is beingmrkenny@gmail.com. Drop me an email if you do, so I can say thanks properly 😊

Header and Separator cards replacement

You can recreate Header and Separator cards using Card Covers, and/or Trello’s separator card format.

Card Counting replacement

Trello has an extension system called Power Ups (more information). I’ve looked around and I think List Limits is the best replacement for counting and limiting cards. It’s made by Trello themselves, and is easier to use.

Trello background exceptions — with apologies, no replacement

The other feature I have removed is the “Trello background exceptions”. This allowed you to change a list highlight colour based on the board background colour to avoid, for example, a red list on a red board. This always felt fiddly and I’m not sure anybody used it anyway. Trello backgrounds have become more complicated since I first wrote this extension, and I think it’s more common to use photos as board backgrounds.

Hide hashtags — with apologies, no replacement

Sadly, it has not been possible to restore this functionality after Trello’s latest update. You can still use hashtags in your highlighting rules, but these can no longer be hidden on your boards.

Contact me

You can email me at beingmrkenny.extensions@gmail.com ✉️