List Highlighter for Trello

What’s it do?

Highlights todo, doing and done lists.

To do lists stay as they are Doing lists turn red Done lists are faded and greyed out

If there's a todo or doing list on the board, all other lists are dimmed. List Highlighter Works automatically with the title of your list, or with hashtags.

Screenshot of Trello showing lists highlighted

How to use this

Just name your list Todo, Doing, or Done, and styles will be applied automatically. Or name it what you like and tag it with a hashtag (e.g. #todo, #doing, #done). The hashtag will only appear when you're editing the title.

More information


List Highlighter uses four different list styles, based on priority:

lists have a red background
lists have the default appearance (no change)
lists are dimmed a little bit
lists are faded and grayed out


The following titles can be used. Titles are case insensitive.

Title Priority applied Other effects
Doing or Today high low priority applied to all untagged lists
Todo or To do normal low priority applied to all untagged lists
Done or Trash ignore strikethrough applied to cards on the list


Tag Priority applied Other effects
#high, #today, #doing high low priority applied to all untagged lists
#normal, #todo, #to do normal low priority applied to all untagged lists
#low low none
#ignore ignore none
#trash, #done ignore strikethrough applied to cards

Examples: “Remaining tasks #todo”, “Urgent tasks #high”, “Backlog #low”, “Abandoned tasks #ignore”, “Completed tasks #done”

Get it


Get the add-on


Get it from Opera add-ons


Available in the Chrome web store

User script

Also available as a user script. (Legacy: version 1.2, download script)

Contact me

You can message me on Twitter (@beingmrkenny) or email me at ✉️ 


This extension is only tested in the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

A previous version of this extension used a different tagging format with curly braces: {todo}. For now, this is still supported, however new tags will use the hashtag format.

Version history

Dates refer to when the extension was submitted. Actual release dates may vary due to review processes.